CNB 66 Althane

CNB 66 Althane

LOA: 20.61m
Manufacturer: CNB
Designed by: Philippe Briand
Built: 2017

The Althane CNB 66 redefines the possibilities of a 20 metre yacht. Taking on the family resemblance, the Althane (20.61m) reflects all the values that are associated with CNB yachts: quality, elegance and performance. The architecture of the Althane was done by Philippe Briand, and the interior design by Jean-Marc Platon and Rafael Bonet. The result is a yacht where elegance combines simplicity on the inside and out, through maximum integration of all equipment and fittings. The hull of the Althane was designed with the goal of increasing its volume, performance and seaworthiness. The Althane is capable of sailing fast and far, while still being safe in the hands of a couple. This is thanks to design features such as the beam, the aft chine and the vertical stern, which work together to allow this incredible feat.

– 1x Model X with Portrait polarisation on mast
– 1x Model VII with Landscape polarisation on mast
– SAILMON Model E4 Processor

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