Hannah Diamon

This is what Hannah Diamond says about MAX: “I think it could be a game-changer in the dinghy world.”

World Championship Medalist Hannah Diamond checks out the Sailmon MAX! The professional sailor from Hamble reviews all the essential elements of the Sailmons sailing device. โ€I think it could be a game-changer in the dinghy world, being able to have real-time heel angle, pitch and distance to the line as well as having a raw data output for looking in more detailed. You could really fast track your learning in your dinghy class.โ€

A crucial part of sailing: the start. Are you in the right position and avoiding foul wind? Or do you make wrong decisions and fall behind? The World Championship Medallist Hannah Diamond will share her knowledge and experience about the most hectic moments of every race. Learn from the best and get ready to make the perfect start!

The British sailing professional will give you the tips and tricks to position yourself as number one from the moment you pass the starting vessel. Get your boat speed and boat handling right, define the line, implement your strategy, make a situation plan and execute it. All essentials for the best start approach will be discussed.

Furthermore, Hannah will demonstrate how to use the Sailmon MAX to improve your start. This advanced tool has all the functionalities to train your sense of position and speed right before the gunshot. Subscribe today, improve your sailing and become a winner.

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