Nathan Outteridge

Goals, preparation, startโ€ฆ you donโ€™t need to be a Harvard student to know whatโ€™s the next webinarโ€™s subject in the โ€˜sail betterโ€™ series. Olympic Gold Medallist and skipper and helmsman for the Japan SailGP Team Nathan Outteridge will take you further up the race course! โ€˜Itโ€™s all about upwind performanceโ€™ emphasizes the importance of boat speed, VMG, strategy and tactics during that crucial first leg.

During the one-hour interactive session, Nathan will share all his knowledge from his professional sailing career. Learn from the best, improve your sailing skills at the moments right after the gunshot and get on top of the competition.

And as you are used to from us, all theoretical theories and terms (VMG, e.g.) will be explained in laymanโ€™s terms. Moreover, Kalle Coster will show you how to analyze the first leg with all different variables in the Sailmon App.

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