This is what Mathis Ghio says about MAX and the Sailmon App: “Wingfoil racing is still a very young sport, and with my materials engineering studies, MAX helps me have accurate and exact data from my sessions to improve both my equipment and technique, aiming to be the fastest during races. Everything in wingfoil is still evolving, and that is the most exciting part. I consistently use the Sailmon app to compare my data and test different equipment and prototypes. My main goal is to surpass the 40 knots barrier in wingfoil, and I look forward to achieving it next year.”


– Winner of 4 out of 5 World Cups and one-time 2nd in 2022
– World champion in 2021 and 2022
– Vice European champion in 2021
– European champion in 2022
– Wingfoil World Speed records claimed on the MAX: 38.0 knots and 35.9 knots over 10 seconds

Meet MAX banner
Meet MAX banner


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