This is what Louise Metenier says about MAX: ”MAX is a game-changer for me in two ways. When I’m training, it makes it super easy to compare my data with my teammates and provides a detailed 3D view of my WASZP’s position, including heel and pitch. I can check it out live on the display or review it later in the Sailmon App with all the data. But the real magic happens during races. MAX becomes my trusty sidekick, giving me GPS info that’s a lifesaver for starts. I get the distance to the starting line and the remaining time to start. It’s like having my personal sailing coach right there with me!โ€™โ€™

Louise Metenier from France began her exciting journey on the water in the world of international Optimist sailing. After years of honing her skills, she made the switch to the 420 Class and took the helm in a mixed crew for the European Championship at the tender age of 13. The following June, her unwavering passion for sailing led her to embrace the WASZP class.


Her summer was nothing short of spectacular, filled with notable accomplishments, including her participation in prestigious events like the European Championship in Quiberon, Sail GP Inspire in St. Tropez, and the Italian Championship in Bellano. With an international program, unstoppable motivation, and winner of Foiling Week 2023 Enzoย Balanger as her coach, Louise Metenier had all the key elements in place to chase her dreams with relentless determination.
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Meet MAX banner


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