Trigonis Konstantinos

“When no sparing partners or competition around you ve got to find references and different ways to validate performance create interest and train your sailors. You vee got to be creative. Sailing is a “chaotic” sport as there are so many variables involved. One of the most important is the feeling of the sailor and the deep – unconscious understanding on how he can maintain speed- angles- evaluate facts as wind shifts or pressure making decisions through out the Race course.

MAX is there for us to proof and validate all these “ feelings” getting them down to raw numbers validating processes or decisions. Is there helping us how to create best practises- trainings, making these “feelings” our second nature. MAX is there to be my point of reference when im sailing my self alone. Is actually my sailing partner giving me all the feed i need to understand whats the status of my performance.

1st at Worlds X8
2nd at Worlds X4
3rd at Worlds x1

1st at Europeans X8
2nd at Europeans X3
3rd at Europeans x1

– 4 X Olympics, 96,00,04,08
– Currently sailing A-class (foiling)
– F18 with Multiple World and European Champion Danny Paschalidis.
– Coaching Team Allianz Dutch 470 Women Team towards Tokyo.


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