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This is what Kyle Langford says about our MAX: “The clarity of the screen is fantastic, easily visible from all angles and without any glare on the screen. The added functionality that you donโ€™t get on other displays such as heel and pitch are nice to reference when the boat is โ€˜feelingโ€™ good and build targets off those numbers.”

Grew up dinghy sailing in Lake Macquarie, Australia before moving over to Europe to pursue a career on the World Match Racing Tour and Extreme Sailing Series before joining Oracle Team USA in 2011 for the 34th Americas Cup and becoming the youngest Americas Cup winner at 24yrs old. Rejoined Oracle Team USA for the 35th defence losing to Team New Zealand. Competed in the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race with Team Brunel coming back after a slow start to win 3 of the final 4 legs of the race and go into the final leg in equal first before finishing 3rd. Joined Team Australia for the inaugural season winning the championship and finishing off the year with 2nd at the Moth World Championships in Perth.

โ€“ 2013 34th Americas Cup Oracle Team USA wing trimmer
โ€“ 2017/19 3rd Team Brunel Volvo Ocean Race
โ€“ 2019 2nd moth world championships
โ€“ 2019 Sail GP Series Champions

Is the way you try to improve your sailing performance the right one? America’s Cup Winner Kyle Langford will answer that fundamental question in the first webinar of our ‘sail betterโ€™ series. Becoming a better sailor depends on setting essential goals before you hit the water.

In a 60-minute live webinar Kyle will highlight the importance, benefits, and value of setting goals to analyze and improve your sailing. Long story short, no goals = no measurable plan to improve your sailing. For those who want to stay on top of their competition this also involves technological innovations.

Spending hours and hours on the water without thoughtful preparation is entirely aimless. Therefore Kyle will take you back to the basics, so you’ll have all the insights to become a better sailor. Eventually the America’s Cup winner will give you tips and tricks to set realistic goals for each part on behalf of a symbolic race.

Even more crucial than setting goals is to learn from achievements. Habits are created on the water, but the learning is done onshore. See how you can analyze, understand and improve your sailing as soon as you’re off the water. Get inspired and discover how technological innovations can make sailing more fun, simplified, and challenging!

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