Monika Mikkola large

“MAX is a no-brainer to have onboard – no matter what you sail. Whether I’m on an ILCA sailing 6 kts trying to sail my boat as flat as possible or cruising with my wing foil at 25 kts trying to get a new top speed, MAX can tell me exactly what I want to know. The different data display options allow me to personalise my MAX to my exact needs, I’m looking forward to exploring the developments made possible by MAX and the Sailmon App. I’m a diehard single-handed sailor but MAX can come sail with me any time.”

You’ll find her on the Ocean, any day and every day. Coming from a strong youth sailing background with multiple World and European titles, Monika is currently training towards Paris 2024. She’s a full time ILCA6 sailor, but you’ll find her cruising around with her wing foil any chance she gets.


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