Nicolo’s passion for windsurfing runs deep, inherited from his father who was already deeply involved in the sport. “Nicolรฒ began surfing at the young age of 4, and now, at the age of nineteen, he has established himself as a renowned international athlete,” proudly states his father, Vasco.

As a child, Nicolo would watch his father venture out on his windsurfing board and was determined to follow in his footsteps. Fearlessly, he would spend entire afternoons surfing alone, eagerly riding the waves wherever the wind would take him. Often, Vasco had to search for him on a dinghy and bring him back to the shore. To ensure his safety, Nicolo’s life jacket was marked with Vasco’s telephone number, allowing concerned individuals to inform him of his son’s whereabouts along the lake’s shores.

Currently, Nicolo attends the Sports High School in Castelletto di Brenzone, where he trains with the Italian national team. When he is home, he has the privilege of practicing on the beautiful lake, renowned as one of the world’s top training areas. While Nicolo receives coaching from instructors of the Italian Sailing Federation, his father’s guidance remains invaluable. “I always try to provide him with advice and support,” Vasco shares.

Over the years, Nicolo has achieved remarkable success, securing several World and European prizes. Two years ago, during the 40th anniversary of the Torbole Surf Club, he earned the silver medal in windsurfing at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.


  • 2018 RS:X Youth World Championships winner
  • European Champion in 2023
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