This is what Ettore Botticini says about MAX: “I evaluate feelings but I only trust the numbers, I use just reliable informations.”

Ettore is an experienced tactician and Team Manager, having worked with numerous professional crews. He is widely regarded as one of the leading Italians in the world of foiling, particularly with flying boats. Currently, Ettore serves as the Skipper of the Italian syndicate for the Youth America’s Cup, representing Team Young Azzurra.

With a strong background in sailing, Ettore has actively engaged in One Design boats and maxi circuits, assuming key roles such as tactician, helmsman, or mainsail trimmer. He is always eager to enhance the performance of Owner-driver boats, constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.

Ettore’s passion for sailing started during his childhood, and he deeply appreciates the sport’s values and ideals. He believes in competing at the highest level while maintaining respect for the environment and opponents, constantly striving to optimize boats and empower crews.

Ettore’s biggest achievements

– 2018 Youth Match Race World Champion
– Achieved second place at the 2019 Match Race European Championship
– Ranked second in the Match Race World Ranking
– Italian Waszp Champion
– Skipper of Team Young Azzurra for the Youth America’s Cup with six 69F Grand Prix victories
– 2022 Giraglia Rolex Cup Overall winner as the helmsman of Lisa
– Secured third place in the ARC Atlantic Crossing
– Former Italian Optimist champion

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