DNA G4 Catamaran

Type: Catamaran
LOA: 12.14m
Manufacturer: DNA performance Sailing
Designed by: DNA
Built: 2016

Is it a cruiser-racer or a racer-cruiser? This 40ft foiling catamaran, which has been called a multipurpose cruiser-racer, is a mix of speed and comfort. “The DNA G4 offers Formula 40 speeds in an easy to handle and forgiving weekender”, with the performance capabilities to beat nearly all maxis, superyachts and grand prix race-boats. This is thanks to its T-foil rudders, which help stabilize it and L-foil daggerboards, these lifting foils make a significant contribution to performance, by providing lift, reducing drag and keeping things safe when pressed downwind. What is clear to see though is that the G4 has been designed as a junior racer with a cruising bent – and emphatically not the other way around. It is a lusher, more practical, comfortable and refined take on any true high-performance catamaran than seen to date. One of the G4’s party pieces is its large and comfortable cockpit, providing enough space to relax, cook or party with a dozen or more of your friends comfortably. The G4 also comes with fully retractable daggerboards, meaning with everything full retracted the G4 draws less than 3’, which allows you to skim over skinny waters.

Onboard configuration DNA G4

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2x Element 7 display
100% customizable, 7-inch state of the art graphics displays, offering crisp and crystal-clear readability in all conditions and designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

1x Model E4 Silver processor
High performance over the air sailing processors delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, for every sensor, every device, for everyone, everywhere.

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