LOA: 32.64m
Manufacturer: Vitters Shipyard
Designed by: Malcolm Mckeon Yacht Design
Built: 2017

Described as a contemporary masterpiece, the Vitters built custom sailing sloop Ribelle is 32.64 metres of modern carbon and titanium, with a bright and modern interior finish. The sophisticated exterior design and engineering were devised on the drawing boards of Malcolm Mckeon Yacht Design and the interior design by Remi Tessier. The goal when making the Ribelle was to experiment with different materials, while still ensuring all of the same comforts you would experience at home. Ribelle features a displacement carbon fibre hull and carbon fibre superstructure, with teak decks. The carbon fibre superstructure was a feat that required a great deal of careful design thinking, resulting in an incredible displacement of just 84 tonnes, allowing Ribelle the ability to excel in the worldโ€™s superyacht regattas, able to achieve speeds of more than 20 knots in moderate conditions. Ribelle has also been fitted with a high-tech racing wardrobe used mainly for the worldโ€™s superyacht regattas which includes a fully operational SAILMON system, which has shown great promise with Ribelle already, having produced strong finishes in multiple regattas all over the world.

Onboard configuration Ribelle

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5x Element 10 display
100% customizable, 10-inch state of the art graphics displays, offering crisp and crystal-clear readability in all conditions and designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

1x Model E4 Silver processor
High performance over the air sailing processors delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, for every sensor, every device, for everyone, everywhere.

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