Xp 44 Hydra

LOA: 14.25m
Manufacturer: X-Yachts
Designed by: X-Yachts Design Team

The Xp 44, combines performance with simplicity of handling. The Xp 44 was the first X Yacht launched as part of the Xperformance line. With this model in particular being conceived as a true dual-purpose yacht. Meaning that the Xp 44 is highly competitive when sailed with a full crew and also easily handled by a couple or family when cruising. Thanks to this it gained plaudits from around the sailing community, being named Sailings World’s 2014 ‘Yacht of the year’. “She was a dream to helm. The control from the low-profile rudder felt spot-on and power was communicated well.” According to Toby Hodges, Yachting World. One of the key aspects of X-Yachts is: “Design must be functional, and functionality must be translated into aesthetics”. We can only endorse this.

The hull shape offers exemplary performance in a range of wind conditions, on all angles of sail. To achieve this the hull was designed with a reduced upright beam and wetted surface area. The transom shape also ensures that as the wind speed builds and the boat powers up, the overall waterline length increases for additional speed.

Onboard configuration Xp 44 Hydra

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1x Element 10 display
100% customizable, 10-inch state of the art graphics displays, offering crisp and crystal-clear readability in all conditions and designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

1x Model E4 Silver processor
High performance over the air sailing processors delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, for every sensor, every device, for everyone, everywhere.

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