Lady Mariposa Racing

Type: Ker 46
LOA: 13.50m
Designed by: KER Yacht Design

Lady Mariposa Racing is an amateur sailing team, formed of over 8 different nationalities that come together with one passion to sail as fast as possible.

Team Lady Mariposa started out as an Oyster 625, entering events from Oyster regattas to RORC offshore races, and over the course of three years the team felt their hunger for speed would be best channelled into a race boat. After selling the Oyster 625, efforts were ploughed into the regeneration of the team – and so Lady Mariposa Racing was born, with a Ker 46.

The Lady Mariposa, Ker 46 was designed and optimised for IRC and ORC racing, with a well balanced performance profile providing a competitive edge in mixed fleets across a wide range of conditions and venues. She is a development of previous designs such as the Ker 40 OD, the Ker 43 “Ptarmigan” and the Ker 46 ‘Tonnerre’… the new design not only benefits from further technical advancements in fluid dynamics and composite design, but also from practical experience on the water.

In 2018, a full Sailmon instrument system was integrated on board, to help maximise the performance of the yacht, which has been backed up by its continued strong results this season:

2nd in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Overall Channel Race
1st in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Overall Myth of Malham Race
1st in 2018 RORC Mainseries IRC Zero North Sea Race

Onboard configuration Lady Mariposa Racing

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2x Element 10 display
100% customizable, 10-inch state of the art graphics displays, offering crisp and crystal-clear readability in all conditions and designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

1x Model E4 Silver processor
High performance over the air sailing processors delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, for every sensor, every device, for everyone, everywhere.

And more additional elements

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