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All Sailmon Equipment Improves over time through automatic over-the-air software updates. Download the latest NavDesk software for Windows here and for Mac here if you do not have software installed yet.

Release notes


E4 + Element Software
– Support for all Cyclops load values over NMEA2000
– Custom calculations via E4 scripting
– Fix issues with Time and Distance to Startline calculations
– Fix potential invalid values in Optimum TWA and BS outputs



– Several improvements and fixes



E4 + Element Software
– Improved reliability of system updates
– Support reading various load values from B&G Fastnet
– Reading of B&G linear channels over NMEA2000
– Add missing Bearing to Mark Mag. for B&G Fastnet output
– Modbus inputs can be converted to text and shown on Screens

NavDesk / Apps
– Pin protection of critical NavDesk features for owners
– Race Start page now shows Local Time



E4 + Element Software
– E4 can now operate as Modbus TCP server
– Support for Data and Alarm outputs over Modbus
– Extend NMEA XDR sentence inputs to Rudder, Temps, Baro
– XDR extension and values to support battery monitoring
– Support for built-in high wind speed alarm
– Support reading B&G linear channel data over NMEA2000
– Fix E4 stopping to accept new connections after long operation
– Fix wrong connecting message on certain displays
– Fix Modbus channels limited to 32 instead 50
– Fix Modbus input for negative 16-bit integers

NavDesk / Apps
– New configuration page specific to Modbus inputs / outputs
– New Alarms page for configuring built-in Depth and Wind alarms
– ScriptTool supports setting of system alarms



E4 + Element Software
– Sharper and more consistent E-Ink display refresh
– Support for Motoring preset switching via engine RPM input
– Optimized handling of multiple alarms
– E-Ink and Elements are now blank during Sleep mode
– Prevent flashing of screens which do not participate in context switching
– Fix dark Element display when disconnecting during Sleep mode
– Fix disappearing alarms from E4 in some cases
– Fix E-Ink sometimes not blank after power off
– Fix assignment of screens to their backlight group
– Fix rare issues with reconnecting to Sailmon Cloud

NavDesk / Apps
– PolarTool can import new generation of ORC Speed Guide files
– Fix the selected screen layout when switching through presets in NavDesk
– Fix value name shown incorrectly when configuring alarms

Rate Gyro v1.1.0
– Attitude outputs are now reliable in any mounting position
– Support for mounting Gyro at other than 90 degree angles
– Heading remains stable when heeling through waves



E4 / Screen Software
– Custom scripting of any E4 behaviour (ask Sailmon support)
– Read A+T Load Cell data from NMEA2000 messages
– Read multiple Cyclops Load Cell instances from a single NMEA device
– Wind from an external processor can be used for context switching
– Reduced delay for context switching
– Improved backlight adjustments by Buttonbox
– Fix backlight dimming to levels below 1%
– Fix a duplicate element in one portrait layout
– Fix gauges not showing any digits
– Fix global unit selection not applied

NavDesk / Apps
– Depth alarms configurable in NavDesk
– Make Up / Downwind context switch limits adjustable
– Allow hiding description for more elements types
– Expand factor limits for Leeway calculation formula
– 3D TWS calibration table not limited to Downwind anymore
– Global unit selection for Load types (N/kg/Tons)
– Show the name of offline sensors in calibration pages
– Fix broken scrolling down for screen to configure
– Fix broken configuration of some gauge elements


– Electronic Telltale support for sensors from TrimControl
– Improved performance loading Screens and changing Presets
– User-defined Screen Layouts possible (ask Sailmon support)
– 2D Plot shows Depth values inverted
– Allow hiding the description of Value elements
– Gridlines between Elements can be hidden
– GPS accuracy is sent to LOGS
– Fix External Channel protocol handling multiple inputs
– Fix inconsistent Waypoint information with multiple data sources
– Fix crash in Parallel Universe application



E4 / Screen Software
– Improved UDP data outputs to Expedition or NMEA0183
– Improved E4 software to better handle many connected Screens
– More stable device communication in busy network environments
– Reduced noise in log files, more useful support info
– Fix stability issues on systems running several weeks
– Fix wrong preset context directly after startup
– Fix NMEA2000 outputs when E4 is the only active device on the bus
– Added reading Relative Humidity PGN
– Added reading of Fluid Level PGN



E4 / Screen Software
– Updated to official NMEA2000 product / manufacturer IDs
– GPS position data can be output on NMEA2000
– Support for receiving various fluid level measurements
– Multiple battery data inputs over NMEA2000
– Allow receiving very long INDYN NMEA0183 sentences
– Fix wrong direction indicator while changing screen configuration
– Fix reading RTK GPS quality flag and number of satellites

NavDesk and Apps
– Separate selection for Attitude sensor and Rate Gyro input
– Boatspeed / Depth allow choice between Heel or Wind based switching
– Advanced TWS table correction for E4 Black owners
– De-selecting mast rotation sensor will disable mast rotation
– Exclude some layouts not suitable for E-Ink screens
– Future versions of Rate Gyro allow automatic software updates
– Fix and global unit selection sometimes not working



E4 / Screen Software
– New direction indicator option for Value elements
– Dew Point support from various input
– Floating point support for Modbus sensors
– Read more GPS quality flags over NMEA0183
– Custom Expedition channel output available for E4 Silver
– Fix incorrect handling of negative timezone offsets
– Several bug fixes and performance improvements

NavDesk and Apps
– Individually configurable Backlight groups
– New button actions: Backlight control and individual sleep/standby modes
– Fix possible NavDesk hangs when losing E4 connection
– Improved stability on recent Windows 10 versions



E4 / Screen Software
– Prevent jumping wind angle due to motion compensation in low wind conditions
– Increase usable Modbus data values to 50
– Support Raytheon Anschütz NMEA0183 gyro data
– Do not send B&G NMEA200 data when no user channels are configured
– Fix display of total distance logs from E4
– Fix rare stability issues and reduce startup time

NavDesk and Apps
– Prevent blank map on NavDesk dashboard
– Device updates are not bundled with the Windows installer any more
– News updates will be downloaded on demand
– Do not download device updates again after interruption



E4 / Screen Software
– Gyro based motion correction for Wind (E4 silver and up)
– Support for Sailmon Rate Gyro inputs
– Smother screen updates and reduced flickering
– Improve scaling of Compass elements
– Prevent Gauge elements from drawing outside their box
– Reduced and more consistent startup time
– B&G custom NMEA2000 outputs available on E4 Silver
– Optimized Modbus communication with automatic batching
– Fix Race timer sync and 5min rollover
– Fix input / output configuration using long IP addresses
– Fix data source selection when the sensor is offline



E4 / Screen Software
– New element listing all active Alarms
– Support general alarms triggered by Buttons or via Modbus
– Allow Leeway calculation from Heading and COG
– Avoid flickering of the Wind plot on Sailmon displays
– Do not overwrite Race timer of B&G on NMEA2000
– Fix sending Pixel angle data over NMEA2000 to B&G
– Fix sending raw sensor data between E4 and apps



E4 / Screen Software
– Fix potential loss of selected preset and layout settings
– Improved connection handling for large number of displays
– Support latest foil mode flags for Pixel (TF35) v2.0



E4 / Screen Software
– Read NMEA0183 data from Pixel Flight Controller
– New values group for Pixel (TF35) data
– Improved display of Seven Segment elements

NavDesk and Apps
– Prevent valid inputs showing “no data” in Sensor Definition



E4 / Screen Software
– New Wind plot element showing history of TWA and TWS
– Turn rate indicator can be enabled for Compass
– Automatic Sleep and Standby modes for Sailmon displays
– Context switching into the “Reach” preset
– New layout for 7inch portrait mode
– E4 sends Mast, Keel and Rudder angles via B&G PGNs
– 4th Modbus TCP input option
– Fix configuration of Modbus addresses bigger than 100

NavDesk and Apps
– Set sleep timer in the Display settings
– New options for Compass element



E4 / Screen Software
– Improved font rendering for big digits
– New Picture element for showing static images
– Playback of videos stored on the E4
– Improved stability of Element INK displays
– Allow Bar graphs and 2D plots to show value alarms
– Support offset correction for Modbus inputs
– Alarms for values produce trackable events
– E4 events are synchronized with Sailmon LOGS
– Fix occasional delays before connecting to E4
– Fix reading of barometric pressure from NMEA0183
– Fix Trip events not always send to LOGS right away
– Fix displays not switching into the alarm preset

NavDesk and Apps
– Enable E4 outputs blocked in previous release
– Linear channels can be calibrated and used as other inputs
– Allow selection of external Leeway sources
– Link to software release notes in NavDesk
– Scale apps correctly on iPhones 10 and 11
– Improved device update page
– Fix progress bar getting stuck after device update
– Fix jumps in data output when changing calibration
– Fix empty menu when no displays are configured
– Fix resetting of MOB alarms on iOS



E4 / Screen Software
– Alarms for values triggered by Buttons or Modbus events
– Context switching into the Alarm preset
– Support for inverted colours in 7-segment element
– Improved Modbus connectivity

NavDesk and Apps
– Reset trip log via Button action
– Show value alarms in ScreenView and CrewView



E4 / Screen Software
– New vertical bar gauge element
– Additional layouts available for all screens
– Remember E4 trip state across restarts
– Improved Modbus connectivity
– Fix duplicate events sent to Logs

NavDesk and Apps
– More options for Bars and Gauges
– Log events to NavDesk via button actions
– Remove unused buttons automatically
– Fix handling of no data in all elements



E4 / Screen Software
– New Gauge and Bar elements
– Modbus data input and events (as buttons)
– Additional NMEA0183 UDP inputs with configurable ports
– All UDP port numbers are now configurable
– Fix missing Lux readings with some Displays
– Fix wrong average Lux calculation when EINK is present
– Fix storage problems on the E4 in certain error conditions
– Reduced Logs disconnects on slow 3G networks

NavDesk and Apps
– New configuration page for E4 Inputs and Modbus
– Manual Trip Reset on the dashboard
– Button inputs can be set to do nothing (default)
– Fix jumping slider when changing the backlight level
– Fix wrong unit selection for relative speeds



E4 Software
– Better automatic detection of Trips
– Read new NMEA2000 PGNs: 1F105 and 1FE11
– Read Time and Speed of Waypoints from NMEA2000
– Depth below Rudder support
– Improved accuracy of timer values
– Support for 3G USB stick for Logs connection
– Support USB tethering with iPhones
– Fix possible jumps and better stability of wind angles
– Fix receiving certain values from Expedition

NavDesk and Apps
– Full integration of the Sailmon Element Ink
– Improved Linear- and Loadcell calibration
– Remove wrong sensor choices from GPS selection
– Correct min/max values shown in 2D plots
– Fix selection between multiple Linear sensors
– Fix touch pen input on Windows tablets
– Fix missing Start menu entries on Windows
– Fix hang when changing preset names



E4 Software
– Do not show zero Target Speed when no Polars are loaded
– Fix wrong unit conversion for Linear Channels

NavDesk and Apps
– NavDesk is able to update Element Ink software
– NavDesk remembers the preferred window size
– Fix MHU calibration always reporting zero
– Fix crash of NavDesk when opening calibration assistants
– Fix issues after changing or removing Polar tables
– Fix wrong preview of Linear Channels during calibration



NavDesk and Apps
– New TWA calibration table for E4 – Black
– Wind Shear correction for E4 – Black
– New numerical keyboard on touchscreen devices
– Avoid flashing MOB or wrong E4 model during NavDesk start
– Prevent getting stuck on the Update page
– Fix bad rounding in the Compass offset calibration
– Fix sign of recommended Boatspeed correction value
– Fix crash when closing NavDesk during commissioning

E4 and Screen Software
– Support for E4 wind stations
– Wind stations do not require a GPS
– Support for upcoming Sailmon Element Ink
– The standard E4 model version is now “Silver”
– H5000 User Channels are select able on all B&G products
– Sailmon is seen as H5000 Performance Processor on NMEA2000
– Fix bug with network device discovery introduced in v3.1.8
– Fix broken discovery when no DHCP server is available (Zeroconf)



E4 Software
The standard E4 model version is now “Silver”
H5000 User Channels are select able on all B&G products
Sailmon is seen as H5000 Performance Processor on NMEA2000
Fix bug with network device discovery introduced in v3.1.8
Fix broken discovery when no DHCP server is available (Zeroconf)



NavDesk and Apps
– Individual version numbers for every Sailmon application
– NavDesk events are sent to Sailmon Logs by the E4
– Claim your E4 for Sailmon Logs via QR code
– Removed login from NavDesk
– Preset names can be changed
– Renamed TWD and GWD values for clarity
– Firmware downloads can resume after being interrupted
– Application versions numbers are visible on every platform
– Allow any valid UDP port number to be selected for outputs
– Prevent using the same value names multiple times
– Offline systems can be updated easier using the Windows software
– Fix precision of playback time in Parallel Universe
– Fix ScreenView not showing setup mode
– Fix wrong offsets shown on Boatspeed calibration page
– Fix changing the boat image in NavDesk

E4 and Screen Software
– Firmware updates are not bound to the NavDesk version any more
– Initial support for B&G custom channels on NMEA2000
– Improved logging protocol to reduce traffic consumption below 1.2MB per hour
– Allow updating all Sailmon devices when using USB Wifi on the E4
– More responsive Wind calculations and improved filters
– Raise limit of maximum stored Logs data to 4 full days of sailing
– Reduce screen flicker after preset changes
– Garmin NMEA2000 output supports additional values missed before
– Built-in E4 website offers information for customer support
– Prevent restoring settings from update files by mistake
– Removed broken backup GPS sensor selection
– Fix wind instrument showing wrong values for WTP3 inputs
– Fix sign of Variation input from Expedition



NavDesk and Apps
– Heading calibration with custom tables
– Linear calibration with custom tables
– Show MOB position on the map in NavDesk
– Fix broken detection of some WiFi networks on Windows
– Removed mast height correction

E4 and Screen Software
– Man Overboard now is fully integrated into Sailmon
– New NMEA2000 outputs for Navigation Data, Cross Track Error
– Improved stability of USB WiFi networks
– Support for all 18 Garmin channels on NMEA2000
– Support for Velocity Made on Course (VMC)
– Output Waypoint information over B&G Fastnet
– Support Waypoint bearings in True and Magnetic
– Set position and magnetic bearing in BWC and BWR sentences
– New button actions: MOB, Sleep and Standby modes
– Reduced data consumption for LOGS when boat is not moving
– Extend minimum time of offline data storage to 3 days
– Forward rudder angles from external Processors
– Increase update rate of some NMEA2000 outputs
– Preset switching when boat is Docked or in MOB
– More consistent preset switching of Screens
– Improved data consistency to avoid rare jumps in Wind angles
– Fix for start timer potentially not in sync with GPS
– Fix timers showing -0:00:00 for a moment
– Fix wrong values in first two custom Expedition channels
– Fix wrong date reading from WTP Fastout
– Fix potential data loss when LOGS storage is full



NavDesk and Apps
– Initial support for 7-segment screen element

E4 and Screen Software
– Automatic backup of Sailmon settings before every update
– Add ShipModul to known NMEA2000 manufacturers
– Support receiving Leeway over NMEA0183 LWY sentence
– Fix server crash when Value configuration is empty
– Fix output of distance to waypoint in BWC sentence



NavDesk and Apps
– Support inverted colors for specific Screen elements
– Refresh the voltages and lux in the Update screen
– Fix missing error message when firmware download fails
– Fix wrong sensors shown as selected during calibration
– Fix selection of wind sensors as external Processor

E4 and Screen Software
– Smoother power-on dimming for Screens
– Fixed startup issues in Screens and recover automatically
– Improved handling of power supply drops and surges
– Support for passing Heel from an external Processor
– Support for sending basic Waypoint information over NMEA0183
– Reduced minor internet traffic caused by Screens to zero
– Fix reading of Bearing to Waypoint from true or magnetic sources
– Fix wrong unit conversions in WTP Fastout data
– Fix wrong calculation of the magnetic Startline bearing



NavDesk and Apps
– Complete redesign of 3D wind calibration tables
– Added scroll bars to make mouse navigation easy
– Manage Sailmon systems with more than 30 screens
– Support playing multiple videos streams again
– Improved scaling of ScreenView and CrewView on iOS
– Fix the broken Start instrument for mobile apps
– Fix showing on-screen keyboard in the center
– Fix NavDesk crash after BS calibration run
– Fix showing no data when the network times out
– E4 Software

E4 Software
– Improved performance when serving many screens
– Fix potential failure to change existing TWS table entries



NavDesk and Apps
– Integrate device updates into NavDesk
– Remove the obsolete UpdateTool
– Offset calibration for Aft depth sensor
– Improved startup time and app performance
– Sorting of points in the 3D boatspeed calibration
– Remove gaps between elements with certain resolutions
– Reduced power consumption for E-Ink displays
– Automatic detection on E-Ink devices in ScreenView
– Support running NavDesk over Windows Remote Desktop
– Fix video streaming on Sailmon screens
– Fix restoring settings from a backup
– Fix wrong min / max values shown in 2DPlots
– Fix confusing checkmarks shown in Output setup
– Fix scaling issues of ScreenView on iOS
– Fix press and hold ScreenView navigation on iOS
– Fix overwriting values in the wind instrument
– Fix a jumping windex arrow in the wind instrument
– Fix compass colors for the Pirates style

E4 Software
– Heading and other values will not show 360 any more
– Avoid switching to Prestart when the E4 is restarted
– Fix use of backlight group 1 for all unconfigured screens
– Fix firmware updates from very old software versions
– Fix hang if a system update is interrupted before it can start
– Fix resetting the Sailmon display font back to standard



NavDesk and Apps
– E-Ink mode for ScreenView
– Use your custom Fonts on Sailmon displays
– Simpler Load Cell calibration tables
– Faster switching between Display presets
– Improved UI consistency across platforms
– Improved scaling of ScreenView on high resolutions
– Fix wrong plot shown in 3D boats speed calibration
– Fix showing the Sailmon Logo on E-Ink screens
– Fix possible crash during Display commissioning
– Fix short NavDesk hangs when loosing the network connection
– Android: new Material style app icons

E4 Software
– Fix changing of Address or Port of UDP data Outputs
– Fix for loosing the data Output configuration

Known issues
– New Gauge element is select-able in NavDesk but not shown on Screens



NavDesk and Apps
– Improved performance and startup time
– Boat speed calibration shows the applied correction value
– Fix wrong Trip information shown on the Dashboard
– Fix display comissioning when no displays are connected
– Fix several scaling issues
– E4 Software

– Ground Wind is more stable when the boat is not moving
– True Wind is more stable in very low wind conditions
– Reduced noise in SOG and COG data
– Automatic start and stop of Trips
– Recording of Total distance traveled over Water and Ground
– Output the battery supply voltage measured by the E4
– Support for sending GPS position to B&G Fastnet
– Fix output of Remote and Linear channels to B&G H3000 displays
– Fix unstable results during tacks when TWD filter is enabled



NavDesk and Apps
– New row in the TWA calibration table for Asym. Downwind sailing.
– Fix boat name not set correctly during commissioning
– Fix showing the calibrated Downwind acceleration value
– E4 Software

– Support for using Leeway angle measured by NMEA2000 sensors
– Support for reading NMEA2000 Load Cells from Diverse
– Improved formatting of Garmin NMEA2000 custom channels
– Fix identification of NMEA2000 load cells from Diverse Yachts
– Fix reading of Expedition Delta Target Boatspeed
– Fix formatting of Heeling output on Fastnet



NavDesk and Apps
– Added separate Aft Depth sensor selection and output
– Fix issues calibrating Load cells the first time
– On Android: The Back button is now useful in all apps
– On iOS: Fix changing instruments in ScreenView

E4 Software
– New outputs for Theoretical Wind for use on starting vessels
– Improved interpolation for TWA calibration tables
– Support for using Leeway angle measured by NMEA2000 sensors
– Support for reading NMEA2000 Load Cells from Diverse
– Fix wrong results in Ground Wind calculations since 3.0.9
– Fix Deck Wind TWS and TWA not being calculated
– Fix wrong GPS date read from certain NMEA0183 devices
– Fix broken Sailmon LOGS connections in some cases



NavDesk and Apps
– Fix broken configuration of Output interfaces
– Fix connecting the E4 with your Sailmon LOGS account
– Added link to LOGS account password reset
– Allow selection of additional variables send to LOGS
– ScreenView and CrewView are fullscreen on Android

E4 Software
– Improved streaming of incoming raw sensor data
– Fix display format of Timers send to B&G Fastnet

Known issues:
– Raw sensor data streaming is will stop working for 3.0.8 and older
– Calibration tables for Linear Boxes not in this release



NavDesk and Apps
– Calibration tables for Load Cells, including graphs
– Improved status feedback when connecting to LOGS
– Showing raw sensor data in NavDesk is more stable
– Better Parallel Universe behavior when starting / stopping
– Removed Turn Rate offset calibration
– Background color of virtual screens can be changed
– Fix changing of data output mapping from mobile devices
– Fix ScreenView crash when chosen instrument was deleted

E4 Software
– Output the user-defined names in Garmin Custom NMEA2000 channels
– Improved performance when replaying over 1000 data points per second
– New uncalibrated output values for: BS, Course, Heading, Heel, Pitch
– New output value: Predicted Course
– Change default unit for (Load Cell) forces to Tonnes
– Fix hang of Sailmon LOGS in unstable networks
– Fix crash in calculations when replaying certain Parallel Universe files

Known issues:
– Calibration tables for Linear Boxes not in this release



Changes in v3.0.7:
– Fix NavDesk user login not using production server
– Fix crashes in NavDesk after loosing connection to the E4
– Fix crash when deleting screens during commissioning
– Faster discovery of new screens during commissioning
– ParallelUniverse can replay using the current time (instead of stored GPS time)

Known issues:
– see Bug-tracker and 3.0.6
– Devices with the internal “-test” or “-calc-test” versions need manual updates



– The NavDesk window can now use the full screen
– Show more trip information on the NavDesk dashboard
– Allow full 180° calibration range for Heel and Trim
– Allow setting boat name and image for Sailmon LOGS
– When configuring LOGS, NavDesk links users to their E4
– Fix using NavDesk on Windows devices with a touchscreen
– Fix some occasional crashes of NavDesk on Windows
– Fix selection of NMEA0183 sentences for output via UDP
– Fix broken boat speed calibration wizards

E4 software
– Verify and improve TWA and TWD calculations
– Correct offset error in current calculations
– Limit estimation of the maximum Leeway
– Fixed optimum calculations sometimes jumping to zero
– Fix output of Course over water, had no data before
– Input and output of the NMEA0183 sentence $PASHR
– Fix Heel and Pitch outputs exchanged for NMEA2000
– New output value: Predicted boat speed
– New output values: for Raw Ground Wind

Known issues:
– No calibration tables yet for Linear channels and Load cells
– Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems
– Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000



– No registration required any more for using Sailmon Logs with an E4
– Sharing of E4 information with Logs (serial, versions, last connection)
– Improved precision of logged GPS positions
– Start NavDesk again after device updates are complete
– Increased number of configurable Sailmon displays to 20
– Fix Next Mark Bearing input from Expedition
– Support for proper screen output on Element 7 displays
– Support for reading new OPT light sensor used in latest models
– Automatic boot loader updates for MSC modules
– Reduced boot time of MSC modules by 4 sec
– Development mode for the E4 to allow logging of PU and simulation data

Known issues:
Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems
Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000



– Output of Garmin proprietary NMEA2000 channels!
– NMEA2000 PGNs output by Sailmon are configurable
– Output of B&G Fastnet Linear and Remote channels (*)
– New separate page for configuring Buttons in NavDesk
– Support for playing video from RTMP streams
– Connectivity and authentication improvements to cloud logging
– Fixes broken calibration of LoadCells in NavDesk
– Fixes broken cloud log interval not running at 1sec

Known issues:
(*) Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems for now
(*) Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000 yet



– E4 synchronizes stored logs with the cloud
– E4 stores the last 48 hours of logs when offline
– Allow Parallel Universe playback with the E4 Black
– New screen layout for 10 inch in portrait mode
– Added Water Depth and Temperatures to NMEA2000 outputs
– Fixes not showing new style 3D boatspeed calibration in every mode
– Fixes broken calibration for Sailmon WindBox (mounting offset doubled)



– Allow using NavDesk without initial login
– Added missing NMEA2000 Wind PGN outputs
– Change NMEA2000 to output Heading as Magnetic
– Fixes broken Heading input when only True Heading is available
– Fixes preset changes via Buttons on individual screens
– Fixes timeout issues when streaming video over RTP
– Fixes log rotation for building raw data recording
– Fixes issue advertising the E4 on every available network



The New NavDesk major release 3.0.0 now has a dashboard that helps you get an overview of the entire system at a glance. The menu system has been redesigned to help you do more in less time 3D calibration of boat speed now has a 3D visualisation with all other 3D calibrations to folow



This is a bugfix release while we work on bigger features in the upcoming 2.2 release.

– NavDesk, SailmonTool and PolarTool now scale up on high resolution screens
– Fixed failure to discover all NMEA2000 sensors after startup
– No more disconnects when the network hangs for short periods of time
– Improved handling of changing network addresses
– Cloud data logging is now disabled while in Simulation mode
– Devices will reboot reliably when this update is applied
– E4 Firmware Version 1.9
– Fastnet data output does not stop any more after bus faults
– Bit error detection for E4 port inputs



– 3D visualization of TWS, TWA and BS corrections tables
– New data output choice: magnetic COG
– Better scaling of numbers on Sailmon instruments
– Leeway correction is turned on by default
– All data outputs of Sailmon are now filtered according to user choice
– Improved Fastnet data outputs, now includes Heeling
– SailmonTool can scroll through list of instruments
– Various fixes in the NavDesk user interface
– Fixed crash when changing the boat’s draft in NavDesk
– Fixed wrong interval time display for incoming sensor data
– Stability improvements when operating in changing network conditions
– Shorter start-up time and performance enhancements



– Recording and playback of raw sensor data for up to 2h
– Multiple simulation data sources can be chosen
– Enable output of local time with user specified time zone
– Diagnosis shows update rate of sensor outputs
– Allow to select rudder angle sensors as source for mast rotation
– Improved user interface for system settings
– Fixed potential Fastnet heading output above 360 degrees
– E4 Firmware Version 1.8
– More robust supply voltage measurements in E4
– E4 power LED is blinking if supply voltage is outside specification

Known issues:
– Serial data output over SBox not supported since v2.1.3



– Plug-and-play network even without a DHCP server for E4 and Screens
– Improved connectivity feedback in all Sailmon apps
– Implement NMEA0183 serial data output on E4 Port 1
– Allow for multiple serial data outputs at once with E4
– Fixed NMEA0183 heel and trim processing of XDR message
– Fixed hardware reset problems after firmware updates

Known issues:
– Removed support for serial data output over SBox!
– A manual power cycle is required when upgrading the E4 from 2.1.2 or earlier
– Sailmon NMEA2000 sensor updates are only supported with an SBox



– Introduce E4 web interface for network setup
– E4 supports creating Wifi access points via USB dongles
– Raw sensor data is shown reliably during Diagnosis
– Improved network device discovery
– Allow editing of the video playlist
– Fix for serial data corruption errors and instability in E4
– Allow two simultaneous NMEA0183 inputs in E4
– Reduced data input latency and CPU load in E4

Known issues:
– A manual power cycle is required after E4 firmware updates
– Sailmon NMEA2000 sensor updates are only supported with an SBox



– Fixed NMEA2000 network when using an SBox
– Improved handling of serial data inputs in E4
– Show Location / Name of Instruments in Setup Mode
– NavDesk gives feedback about local network connectivity
– Position selection for ScreenViews



– Support for Sailmon Model E4!
– Support for upcoming Sailmon App
– New online data logging and registration on Sailmon360
– Increase precision of GPS time and other timers
– Fixed NMEA2000 data output issues and standard compliance
– Improved long therm stability and full storage prevention
– Multiple NavDesk GUI improvements



– Show board voltage for each device in SailmonTool
– Improved connection stability in bad network conditions
– NavDesk PIN protection for mobile devices
– Various user interface improvements and bug fixes



– Fixed multiple network connectivity issues
– Improved application startup time



Skipped in favour of 2.0.6. Only the Instrument update is available.



– Unconfigured screens use backlight group 1 by default
– Remove inconsistency betweeen platforms
– See also v2.0.3 and v2.0.2



Released on 2016-04-20, but never published to website.

– Fixed multiple issues with backlight groups
– Slight increase in maximum screen brigthness
– Reduce wait time for device discovery in Setup
– See also v2.0.2



Released on 2016-04-08, but never published to website.

– New PolarTool application
– Allow Backup and Restore of settings
– Fixed bug in selection of server



– Upgrade to Qt version 5.6
– Fully integrated video playback



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