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View the Quick Setup Guide here. If you have any questions or remarks, do not hesitate to contact us.

Before you start

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• This guide assumes the installer has basic knowledge of DC electrical systems, wiring and commons installation practices. When in doubt, refer to the complete installation manual which can be found in the Support section on our website www.sailmon.com or get in touch with us at support@sailmon.com or +31702211596
• Please ensure you have all the components required to install your Sailmon System
• We highly recommend installing a fuse between your Sailmon device and power supply
• The system must at all times have a minimum voltage of 9V
• Before installing ensure all power is off. If your power supply is left on during the installation it may result in fire, electrical shock or serious damage to your instrument.

Disclaimer: It is the owner of the Sailmon Product(s) sole responsibility to install and use the instruments in a responsible manner that will not cause accidents, personal injury or property damage. The user of this product is solely responsible for observing safe boating practices. Sailmon BV disclaims all liabilities for any use of this product in a way that may cause accidents,
damage or that may violate the law. Sailmon instruments are an aid to navigation but do not replace conventional navigation. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure safe boating practice and navigation. All precautions should be taken to ensure that the yacht is not placed into danger.

Calibration: The Sailmon system is an electronic aid and is designed to assist in navigation and reading measurement values. Incorrect calibration can lead to false and inaccurate readings placing the yacht in to possible danger.

Electrical Supply: Sailmon Products are designed for use with a power supply source of 12-24 V of direct current. The application of any other power supply may result in possible and permanent
damage to the equipment


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• Place the display in the desired location
• Connect S-net cable to the male connector of the display
• Ensure correct connection.
• Mount the Sailethernet box in the desired location
• Connect S-net cable wires from display into the Sailethernet box Connect the ethernet and power wires to the Sailethernet box.
• Connect the ethernet and power wires to the Sailethernet box Connect Sailethernet box to the ships network.
• The E4 is connected to the ships network directly or by wireless access point
• Sailmon recommend connecting your E4 to the internet via a router to enable Sailmon logs and live updates
• Sailmon are not direct suppliers of routers but we are happy to provide recommendation based on your installation.
• With a Wireless Access point connected you are free to connect devices to run Sailmon Apps
• Run Navdesk for system configuration
• Screen view, to turn your smart device in to a Sailmon screen
• Crew View to view all sailing variables

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