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– Support for OpenWind BLE wind sensors
– Improved connectivity for all BLE sensors
– Fix hangs occurring in certain Bluetooth environments
– Fix GPS diagnostics flashing in low signal conditions


– Support for multiple Smartlink Load Cells (subscription required)
– Support for Airmar DST-810 water speed and depth sensor
– Fix remembering Calypso wind sensor connection
– Start timer and GPS time keeps working in NO-GPS mode
– Heading input from NMEA can be used instead of internal compass
– Pinging of the finish line and general marks, this will generate instant races in the Sailmon app in the near future
– External Depth and Boatspeed inputs are now logged
– Reset location and wind when entering NO-GPS mode


1.4.7 & 1.4.8
– Reworked compass zeroing to better handle any mounting position
– Fix compass mounting offset applied the wrong way in previous release (1.4.6)
– Start page can be closed by holding any button when timer runs
– More precise start timer and startline distances
– Fix some potentials software hangs


– Fix automatic Cyclops Loadcell reconnection after signal loss
– Disable background scanning when configured Loadcell is connected
– Improve language for certain menu options


– Improves Cyclops loadcell connection
– Improved compass stability in all dynamic conditions


– One Cyclops Loadcell now available without a subscription
– Disconnect in charging mode after all data is synchronized
– Improved recovery from a fully depleted battery
– Show when charging is paused due to very hot or cold temperatures
– Off-center position or moving on the charging pad does not interrupt charging
– Fix showing “Fully charged” in fault conditions


– Improved battery charging feedback
– (Premium) Cyclops Bluetooth Loadcells
– (Premium) Inferred Wind readings for your boat directly on MAX
– Avoid invalid first measurement from Calypso
– Wind readings from Sailmon cloud now obsolete
– Sailmon App accessible on iPad and Mac (M1 chip requires)


– Wifi reliably reconnects after losing Access Point signal
– Improved Wifi stability and speed
– Avoid chance of GPS not coming online without power cycle
– Reading of multiple NMEA0183 sentences per UDP packet
– GPS timestamps send to Logs are more precise
– Fix VMC not available without a wind sensor
– Fix Header/Lift value not available in NO GPS model
– Fix jumps and missing data points in wind plots


– Fix enabling WiFi again after if was disabled before
– Various stability improvements

Recovery procedure for users who are stuck with disabled WiFi:
1. Enable WiFi in the CONNECTIONS menu
2. MAX will be stuck at this point, wait for 20 seconds
3. Hold the middle button until MAX resets
4. After reset, the checkbox is still empty if you were not connected before
5. You can choose a WiFi from the NETWORKS menu anyway
6. Check for updates to receive the latest version

Alternative recovery if WiFi is disabled:
1. Use Bluetooth tethering to your phone for internet access
2. Check for updates to receive the latest version


– Introducing MAX master + remote replication
– Simplified and more robust Bluetooth pairing
– Multiple phones can stay paired for internet access
– Improved Wifi connectivity and connection setup
– Reduced charge duration at room temperature
– Start line indicators and distances calculations improved
– Fix missing date field in NMEA0183 output
– Fix True Wind corrections not applied correctly
– Fix VMC not calculated without a wind source
– Fix Calypso device address cut off
– Fix reset of wind graphs when sensor disconnects


– Connect your MAX to our Model E4 Processor to view all available data – a wireless display for everyone;
– More simple Start Page make starting even simpler;
– Improved handling of different wind inputs.


– Wind plot with fixed time span (+- 3 minutes)
– Added Header-Lift value
– Live wind from server
– Wind deduction from startline ping
– Renamed COG values in start pages to Compass
– Pitch now has one decimal
– Added 4 value page
– You can now have port number above 9999 for NMEA input


– Support NMEA0183 wind, boat speed, depth inputs over UDP
– Attach MAX to your Sailmon account using a simple QR code
– More robust Bluetooth internet sharing
– Prevent boot issues affecting some devices
– Improved menu navigation
– New simple / advanced Start page options
– Fine-tune battery charging for improved longevity
– Various minor fixes and performance improvements
– Non GPS mode, Max is now legal in all classes, but still has heading, heel, pitch and timer.
– Choose start page between simple or advanced. New simple start page with just time, compass, distance to line
– Events including lat/long can now be downloaded in the app
– You can now switch between boats without having to re-pair your device
– You can see your account email in settings


– Optimized IMU measurements
– Add missing timezones for Australia, Atlantic and Pacific islands
– Improved reliability of internal storage


– MAX will notify users about updates
– New IMU sensor fusion algorithm remains stable in rough conditions
– Compass calibration is remembered
– Symbol indicates when compass calibration is required
– VMG calculation
– Faster display refresh
– Improved performance and responsiveness
– Fix page configuration issue
– Fix missing wifi symbol when connected


– Calypso BLE Wind sensor
– True Wind calculations
– Custom Page configuration
– Get local time on your display
– See what’s your average- and top speeds
– Improved Start Timer
– Better rending of numbers
– NMEA0183 data output over UDP
– Diagnostics page


– Improved Bluetooth pairing stability
– Fix occasional unresponsive buttons
– Long press middle button to power down


– Avoid screen flickering at temperatures below 0 degrees;
– Bug in factory reset menu;
– Return to the previous page after sending an Event;
– Prevent text cut off on pinged Start page.

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