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NavDesk and Apps
– Initial support for 7-segment screen element

E4 and Screen Software
– Automatic backup of Sailmon settings before every update
– Add ShipModul to known NMEA2000 manufacturers
– Support receiving Leeway over NMEA0183 LWY sentence
– Fix server crash when Value configuration is empty
– Fix output of distance to waypoint in BWC sentence



NavDesk and Apps
– Support inverted colors for specific Screen elements
– Refresh the voltages and lux in the Update screen
– Fix missing error message when firmware download fails
– Fix wrong sensors shown as selected during calibration
– Fix selection of wind sensors as external Processor

E4 and Screen Software
– Smoother power-on dimming for Screens
– Fixed startup issues in Screens and recover automatically
– Improved handling of power supply drops and surges
– Support for passing Heel from an external Processor
– Support for sending basic Waypoint information over NMEA0183
– Reduced minor internet traffic caused by Screens to zero
– Fix reading of Bearing to Waypoint from true or magnetic sources
– Fix wrong unit conversions in WTP Fastout data
– Fix wrong calculation of the magnetic Startline bearing



NavDesk and Apps
– Complete redesign of 3D wind calibration tables
– Added scroll bars to make mouse navigation easy
– Manage Sailmon systems with more than 30 screens
– Support playing multiple videos streams again
– Improved scaling of ScreenView and CrewView on iOS
– Fix the broken Start instrument for mobile apps
– Fix showing on-screen keyboard in the center
– Fix NavDesk crash after BS calibration run
– Fix showing no data when the network times out
– E4 Software

E4 Software
– Improved performance when serving many screens
– Fix potential failure to change existing TWS table entries



NavDesk and Apps
– Integrate device updates into NavDesk
– Remove the obsolete UpdateTool
– Offset calibration for Aft depth sensor
– Improved startup time and app performance
– Sorting of points in the 3D boatspeed calibration
– Remove gaps between elements with certain resolutions
– Reduced power consumption for E-Ink displays
– Automatic detection on E-Ink devices in ScreenView
– Support running NavDesk over Windows Remote Desktop
– Fix video streaming on Sailmon screens
– Fix restoring settings from a backup
– Fix wrong min / max values shown in 2DPlots
– Fix confusing checkmarks shown in Output setup
– Fix scaling issues of ScreenView on iOS
– Fix press and hold ScreenView navigation on iOS
– Fix overwriting values in the wind instrument
– Fix a jumping windex arrow in the wind instrument
– Fix compass colors for the Pirates style

E4 Software
– Heading and other values will not show 360 any more
– Avoid switching to Prestart when the E4 is restarted
– Fix use of backlight group 1 for all unconfigured screens
– Fix firmware updates from very old software versions
– Fix hang if a system update is interrupted before it can start
– Fix resetting the Sailmon display font back to standard



NavDesk and Apps
– E-Ink mode for ScreenView
– Use your custom Fonts on Sailmon displays
– Simpler Load Cell calibration tables
– Faster switching between Display presets
– Improved UI consistency across platforms
– Improved scaling of ScreenView on high resolutions
– Fix wrong plot shown in 3D boats speed calibration
– Fix showing the Sailmon Logo on E-Ink screens
– Fix possible crash during Display commissioning
– Fix short NavDesk hangs when loosing the network connection
– Android: new Material style app icons

E4 Software
– Fix changing of Address or Port of UDP data Outputs
– Fix for loosing the data Output configuration

Known issues
– New Gauge element is select-able in NavDesk but not shown on Screens



NavDesk and Apps
– Improved performance and startup time
– Boat speed calibration shows the applied correction value
– Fix wrong Trip information shown on the Dashboard
– Fix display comissioning when no displays are connected
– Fix several scaling issues
– E4 Software

– Ground Wind is more stable when the boat is not moving
– True Wind is more stable in very low wind conditions
– Reduced noise in SOG and COG data
– Automatic start and stop of Trips
– Recording of Total distance traveled over Water and Ground
– Output the battery supply voltage measured by the E4
– Support for sending GPS position to B&G Fastnet
– Fix output of Remote and Linear channels to B&G H3000 displays
– Fix unstable results during tacks when TWD filter is enabled



NavDesk and Apps
– New row in the TWA calibration table for Asym. Downwind sailing.
– Fix boat name not set correctly during commissioning
– Fix showing the calibrated Downwind acceleration value
– E4 Software

– Support for using Leeway angle measured by NMEA2000 sensors
– Support for reading NMEA2000 Load Cells from Diverse
– Improved formatting of Garmin NMEA2000 custom channels
– Fix identification of NMEA2000 load cells from Diverse Yachts
– Fix reading of Expedition Delta Target Boatspeed
– Fix formatting of Heeling output on Fastnet



NavDesk and Apps
– Added separate Aft Depth sensor selection and output
– Fix issues calibrating Load cells the first time
– On Android: The Back button is now useful in all apps
– On iOS: Fix changing instruments in ScreenView

E4 Software
– New outputs for Theoretical Wind for use on starting vessels
– Improved interpolation for TWA calibration tables
– Support for using Leeway angle measured by NMEA2000 sensors
– Support for reading NMEA2000 Load Cells from Diverse
– Fix wrong results in Ground Wind calculations since 3.0.9
– Fix Deck Wind TWS and TWA not being calculated
– Fix wrong GPS date read from certain NMEA0183 devices
– Fix broken Sailmon LOGS connections in some cases



NavDesk and Apps
– Fix broken configuration of Output interfaces
– Fix connecting the E4 with your Sailmon LOGS account
– Added link to LOGS account password reset
– Allow selection of additional variables send to LOGS
– ScreenView and CrewView are fullscreen on Android

E4 Software
– Improved streaming of incoming raw sensor data
– Fix display format of Timers send to B&G Fastnet

Known issues:
– Raw sensor data streaming is will stop working for 3.0.8 and older
– Calibration tables for Linear Boxes not in this release



NavDesk and Apps
– Calibration tables for Load Cells, including graphs
– Improved status feedback when connecting to LOGS
– Showing raw sensor data in NavDesk is more stable
– Better Parallel Universe behavior when starting / stopping
– Removed Turn Rate offset calibration
– Background color of virtual screens can be changed
– Fix changing of data output mapping from mobile devices
– Fix ScreenView crash when chosen instrument was deleted

E4 Software
– Output the user-defined names in Garmin Custom NMEA2000 channels
– Improved performance when replaying over 1000 data points per second
– New uncalibrated output values for: BS, Course, Heading, Heel, Pitch
– New output value: Predicted Course
– Change default unit for (Load Cell) forces to Tonnes
– Fix hang of Sailmon LOGS in unstable networks
– Fix crash in calculations when replaying certain Parallel Universe files

Known issues:
– Calibration tables for Linear Boxes not in this release



Changes in v3.0.7:
– Fix NavDesk user login not using production server
– Fix crashes in NavDesk after loosing connection to the E4
– Fix crash when deleting screens during commissioning
– Faster discovery of new screens during commissioning
– ParallelUniverse can replay using the current time (instead of stored GPS time)

Known issues:
– see Bug-tracker and 3.0.6
– Devices with the internal “-test” or “-calc-test” versions need manual updates



– The NavDesk window can now use the full screen
– Show more trip information on the NavDesk dashboard
– Allow full 180° calibration range for Heel and Trim
– Allow setting boat name and image for Sailmon LOGS
– When configuring LOGS, NavDesk links users to their E4
– Fix using NavDesk on Windows devices with a touchscreen
– Fix some occasional crashes of NavDesk on Windows
– Fix selection of NMEA0183 sentences for output via UDP
– Fix broken boat speed calibration wizards

E4 software
– Verify and improve TWA and TWD calculations
– Correct offset error in current calculations
– Limit estimation of the maximum Leeway
– Fixed optimum calculations sometimes jumping to zero
– Fix output of Course over water, had no data before
– Input and output of the NMEA0183 sentence $PASHR
– Fix Heel and Pitch outputs exchanged for NMEA2000
– New output value: Predicted boat speed
– New output values: for Raw Ground Wind

Known issues:
– No calibration tables yet for Linear channels and Load cells
– Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems
– Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000



– No registration required any more for using Sailmon Logs with an E4
– Sharing of E4 information with Logs (serial, versions, last connection)
– Improved precision of logged GPS positions
– Start NavDesk again after device updates are complete
– Increased number of configurable Sailmon displays to 20
– Fix Next Mark Bearing input from Expedition
– Support for proper screen output on Element 7 displays
– Support for reading new OPT light sensor used in latest models
– Automatic boot loader updates for MSC modules
– Reduced boot time of MSC modules by 4 sec
– Development mode for the E4 to allow logging of PU and simulation data

Known issues:
Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems
Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000



– Output of Garmin proprietary NMEA2000 channels!
– NMEA2000 PGNs output by Sailmon are configurable
– Output of B&G Fastnet Linear and Remote channels (*)
– New separate page for configuring Buttons in NavDesk
– Support for playing video from RTMP streams
– Connectivity and authentication improvements to cloud logging
– Fixes broken calibration of LoadCells in NavDesk
– Fixes broken cloud log interval not running at 1sec

Known issues:
(*) Fastnet Linear and Remote channels only work on H5000 systems for now
(*) Linear and Remote channels are not usable when replacing an H3000 yet



– E4 synchronizes stored logs with the cloud
– E4 stores the last 48 hours of logs when offline
– Allow Parallel Universe playback with the E4 Black
– New screen layout for 10 inch in portrait mode
– Added Water Depth and Temperatures to NMEA2000 outputs
– Fixes not showing new style 3D boatspeed calibration in every mode
– Fixes broken calibration for Sailmon WindBox (mounting offset doubled)



– Allow using NavDesk without initial login
– Added missing NMEA2000 Wind PGN outputs
– Change NMEA2000 to output Heading as Magnetic
– Fixes broken Heading input when only True Heading is available
– Fixes preset changes via Buttons on individual screens
– Fixes timeout issues when streaming video over RTP
– Fixes log rotation for building raw data recording
– Fixes issue advertising the E4 on every available network



The New NavDesk major release 3.0.0 now has a dashboard that helps you get an overview of the entire system at a glance. The menu system has been redesigned to help you do more in less time 3D calibration of boat speed now has a 3D visualisation with all other 3D calibrations to folow



This is a bugfix release while we work on bigger features in the upcoming 2.2 release.

– NavDesk, SailmonTool and PolarTool now scale up on high resolution screens
– Fixed failure to discover all NMEA2000 sensors after startup
– No more disconnects when the network hangs for short periods of time
– Improved handling of changing network addresses
– Cloud data logging is now disabled while in Simulation mode
– Devices will reboot reliably when this update is applied
– E4 Firmware Version 1.9
– Fastnet data output does not stop any more after bus faults
– Bit error detection for E4 port inputs



– 3D visualization of TWS, TWA and BS corrections tables
– New data output choice: magnetic COG
– Better scaling of numbers on Sailmon instruments
– Leeway correction is turned on by default
– All data outputs of Sailmon are now filtered according to user choice
– Improved Fastnet data outputs, now includes Heeling
– SailmonTool can scroll through list of instruments
– Various fixes in the NavDesk user interface
– Fixed crash when changing the boat’s draft in NavDesk
– Fixed wrong interval time display for incoming sensor data
– Stability improvements when operating in changing network conditions
– Shorter start-up time and performance enhancements



– Recording and playback of raw sensor data for up to 2h
– Multiple simulation data sources can be chosen
– Enable output of local time with user specified time zone
– Diagnosis shows update rate of sensor outputs
– Allow to select rudder angle sensors as source for mast rotation
– Improved user interface for system settings
– Fixed potential Fastnet heading output above 360 degrees
– E4 Firmware Version 1.8
– More robust supply voltage measurements in E4
– E4 power LED is blinking if supply voltage is outside specification

Known issues:
– Serial data output over SBox not supported since v2.1.3



– Plug-and-play network even without a DHCP server for E4 and Screens
– Improved connectivity feedback in all Sailmon apps
– Implement NMEA0183 serial data output on E4 Port 1
– Allow for multiple serial data outputs at once with E4
– Fixed NMEA0183 heel and trim processing of XDR message
– Fixed hardware reset problems after firmware updates

Known issues:
– Removed support for serial data output over SBox!
– A manual power cycle is required when upgrading the E4 from 2.1.2 or earlier
– Sailmon NMEA2000 sensor updates are only supported with an SBox



– Introduce E4 web interface for network setup
– E4 supports creating Wifi access points via USB dongles
– Raw sensor data is shown reliably during Diagnosis
– Improved network device discovery
– Allow editing of the video playlist
– Fix for serial data corruption errors and instability in E4
– Allow two simultaneous NMEA0183 inputs in E4
– Reduced data input latency and CPU load in E4

Known issues:
– A manual power cycle is required after E4 firmware updates
– Sailmon NMEA2000 sensor updates are only supported with an SBox



– Fixed NMEA2000 network when using an SBox
– Improved handling of serial data inputs in E4
– Show Location / Name of Instruments in Setup Mode
– NavDesk gives feedback about local network connectivity
– Position selection for ScreenViews



– Support for Sailmon Model E4!
– Support for upcoming Sailmon App
– New online data logging and registration on Sailmon360
– Increase precision of GPS time and other timers
– Fixed NMEA2000 data output issues and standard compliance
– Improved long therm stability and full storage prevention
– Multiple NavDesk GUI improvements



– Show board voltage for each device in SailmonTool
– Improved connection stability in bad network conditions
– NavDesk PIN protection for mobile devices
– Various user interface improvements and bug fixes



– Fixed multiple network connectivity issues
– Improved application startup time



Skipped in favour of 2.0.6. Only the Instrument update is available.



– Unconfigured screens use backlight group 1 by default
– Remove inconsistency betweeen platforms
– See also v2.0.3 and v2.0.2



Released on 2016-04-20, but never published to website.

– Fixed multiple issues with backlight groups
– Slight increase in maximum screen brigthness
– Reduce wait time for device discovery in Setup
– See also v2.0.2



Released on 2016-04-08, but never published to website.

– New PolarTool application
– Allow Backup and Restore of settings
– Fixed bug in selection of server



– Upgrade to Qt version 5.6
– Fully integrated video playback



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