S/Y Firebird Navigator on SAILMON

”I think that with the instruments its very similar as with the companies. That you don’t look at the ones which are the pinnacle of there performance, because there is an inevitable plateau that anything like this will reach.

And what we saw with SAILMON, that over 3 years the system has progressively been getting better, better and better. And one of the obvious things being the intuitivity of calbration and the opportunity of a 3D representation of the calibrations that you input, is complemented by the new processor and we are actually going full on for the (SAILMON) package.

I think that especially now with the racer cruiser market expanding and more of the boats giving it a try in the racing circle, it is getting more and more important that you get an instrument package which is safe and reliable for your remote cruising but gives you at the finger tips the numbers that you need to perform on the race track.”

The Firebird is available for charter and you can find out more about it at this link:

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