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My E4 is working but my displays say connecting to server.

Make sure your displays, E4 and NavDesk control device are connected to the same DHCP server.

They are connected to the same DHCP server but displays still say connecting to server.

Make sure the connections in the SAILethernet are correctly connected, if you have installed a junction box somewhere, ensure this has also been connected correctly.

How do I connect my depth and speed transducers?

If they are not NMEA 2000 but analog, we can supply a Actisense DST-2 to convert the signal to NMEA 0183.

Can I connect a B&G 213 or VMHU?

Yes our WindBox converts the signal to 100hz NMEA 2000 wind sensors.

Can I connect a load cell?

Yes our Loadcell Box is a load cell amplifier that can interface with most 4 or 6 wire load cells and send the signal to NMEA 2000.

Can I connect any other sensors?

Yes with our Linear Box you can input 2, 0-5V sensors to measure any value you would like.

Does your system interface with any navigation software?

Yes, we can speak with plotters over the NMEA 2000 bus, Expedition in the expedition format over UDP and Adrena over ump using NMEA 0183.

What if I want to display some custom sentences?

We have 128 channels available to send any data string over UDP you would like, please contact us for the user guide!

What are the measurements and dimensions of your displays?

Element Displays Dimensions

How much does the processor weigh?

E4 Processor: 1.16kg

How much do the displays weigh?

Element 10: 1.64kg, Element 7: 1.04kg

What is the cost of the system?

To find out the cost of a system for your boat, you can get in contact with our Sales Director on this page: https://www.sailmon.com/get-a-quote/

Do you have a NavDesk Manual?

The manual will be live before April 15th

Can you get readouts from a B&G system?

Yes H2000, H3000 and H5000 you can get readouts from

Anything you can’t do?

You tell us and we’ll try to implement it! Mail: support@sailmon.com

How does one go about calibrating your instruments?

Through the NavDesk interface you can perform computer assisted calibration, Tutorials and the manual can be reached here:
Manual: To be inserted (Mid April)
Tutorials: Link to walkthrough page

I have installed the E4, and connected the fastnet cable but there is no signal nor is there a light.

Ensure it has been cabled and setup correctly this includes red and black.

I have checked that the connection is right, but still no light, any ideas?

Make sure port 2 is set to B&G Fastnet in the Sailmon tool.

I have tried all of the above but still no light, any more ideas?

Disconnect the power from the fastnet bus, and measure the resistor between green and white, it should be 50 Ohms. If it reads 70 Ohms there is just one resistor, if it reads 30 Ohms there are 2.

Great the light now comes on! But I don't receive any data if I look in Navdesk diagnostics.

Since Model E4 can work with or without the B&G H2000 and H3000 processor, fastnet output is disabled as default. Make sure to enable it.

I still have a B&G processor in the network and the numbers are all over the place, any idea?

Make sure the fastnet output is disabled, you can do this through Navdesk.

My E4 is working. On board is a Pepwave (or other kind of router) which is used as a switch for the SAILethernet as well. I do not detect any network on smart devices.

Take the router out of the network. Then connect the SAILethernet to the E4 and check if the displays work. If so, Sailmon works and the problem lies somewhere in the router.

The blue status LED does not light up.

Check the NMEA 2000 power supply and the termination resistors of the NMEA 2000 bus.

The blue status LED blinks 5 times per second.

Check the sensor connection and the sensor cable for errors. In case all connections are working, the MHU sensor is most likely damaged

I cannot adjust the MHU offset with my instrument system (other than Sailmon)

The Wind Box is designed to be integrated into a Sailmon system. It does not provide direct offset features since Sailmon uses advanced calibration which is done in other parts of the system. Contact Sailmon support if you plan to use the Wind Box for other instrument systems.

After a software update, my Wind Box does not work anymore.

To solve this issue please get in contact with our support team.

My wind instrument (other than Sailmon) hangs or gets stuck.

Since the Wind Box delivers wind data with a high update rate of 100Hz, this may be too much for some instruments. Special software is available in this case, to solve this problem contact the Sailmon support team.