Screen | View release

The new ScreenView app is released in the app store and Google Play store! Download the application and use every mobile device as a Sailmon screen.

Sailmon monitors are rugged and designed for optimal readability in all conditions ranging from bright sunlight to pitch darkness. However, at times it’s very useful to use your smartphone, iPad or computer to display your data on a remote screen.

ScreenView is designed to use any smart device as a Sailmon screen, with almost all of the same functionalities. See how this works in the instruction video by Kalle Coster (below).

User Guide for Dummies:
1) Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
2) Connect to the right network (like Model E4)
3) ScreenView shows the available displays, please make your selection
4) Press and hold any of the numbers displayed on your screen if you wish to change to a different display

You can switch between different visualisations of the data. Such as graphical, visual or numerical. Control these settings from our NavDesk application.

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