Saffier Se 33 Path Junior

Saffier Se 33 Path Junior

Pure craftsmanship and a love for sailing. Path Junior is equipped with Sailmon, a powerful rigg, a fast underwater hull in combination with a modern T bulb keel and a fixed bowsprit. This helps to make the Saffier Se 33 Path Junior (9.6m) light, fast and comfortable. What sets the daysailer apart is that it can be sailed single handedly by the helmsman alone. The the mainsail, self tacking jib and all sheets can be operated manually or electrically at the winch consoles behind the helm. As well as that the Saffier Se 33 is seaworthy, self-righting and can be used on any kind of water.

Onboard configuration Saffier Se 33 Path Junior

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2x Element 7 display
100% customizable, 7-inch state of the art graphics displays, offering crisp and crystal-clear readability in all conditions and designed to withstand the most extreme environments.

1x Model E4 Silver processor
High performance over the air sailing processors delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, for every sensor, every device, for everyone, everywhere.

And more additional elements

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