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This is what Ruggero Tita says about MAX: โ€The most interesting thing is the possibility to personalize the pages so you have the data you want on every boat you sail!โ€

Ruggero Tita is 28 years old. His passion for sailing started at a very young age. He has been in the national team since the age of 12, where he has won the title of Champion in Italy, Switzerland, and Europe in the Optimist Class. Later he raced in the 29ER Class, the introductory boat to the 49ER. In a very short period of time, he moved up to the next level and immediately won the 49ER Italian Champion title multiple times. With the same boat, after overcoming the national competition, he represented Italy during Rio Olympics in 2016.

After the Olympics, Ruggero decided to embark in a new adventurous challenge on the Nacra 17 Full Foiling, a boat that is strongly inherent to his nature and experience. Winning World and European championship and Gold in Tokyo Olympics! His passion for speed and for elegance of foiling led to this the new adventure, as a result of the experience gained on the 49er and on the Kitesurf, but mostly on the Moth, the foil boat par excellence. Ruggero belongs to the team of the โ€œFiamme Gialleโ€ and he is graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Trento. He is passionate about kitesurfing, snowkiting, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and paragliding.

– Gold in Tokyo Olympics (Nacra 17)
โ€“ Rio Olympics in 2016 (49er)
โ€“ World and European championship (Nacra 17)

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