Sailmon Coach Pole

Sailmon Coach Pole

9,950.00 ex. VAT

A highly accurate gps heading sensor plus a sonic wind sensor to monitor and log calibrated wind speed and direction, connect to Sailmon LOGS to share and replay the data

Sailmon Part Number: RSM-Coach-Pole

Technical Information

Highly accurate sensor
The Sailmon Coach Pole is a highly accurate GPS heading sensor, equipped with a sonic wind sensor to monitor and log calibrated wind speed and direction directly to the Sailmon E4 Silver.

You can connect your E4 to Sailmon LOGS to share, replay and analyse the data directly from your Sailmon LOGS account.

The Sailmon Coach Pole comes as standard with sensors fitted to a 1 meter post ready for fitting. Using a Gill windsonic wind speed and direction unit as well as a True Heading Vector carbon GPS compass, with an update rate of up to 20Hz.

Waterproof connection
The Sailmon Coach Pole connects directly to a waterproof and impact resistant case containing a built in Sailmon E4 Silver Processor, battery pack capable of running the system for up to 72 hours and a Wifi enabled 3G modem to connect wifi devices for direct control / calibration and data display. 3G connectivity enable the E4 to send your logged data directly to your LOGS account online.

In the event that no direct connection can be established the E4 will automatically buffer data, which will then be uploaded once a connection is established, this is possible either though the modem or connecting the E4 directly to the internet.

Self contained designed
The E4 silver enclosure is designed to be a self contained unit containing its own regulated power supply, the enclosure can be disconnected from the sensor pole and removed at the end of each session if desired.

A 3G sim card will be required to connect the E4 silver directly to your Sailmon LOGS account for live data updates. Connect your Sailmon app to your LOGS account to receive live wind data direct from your coach pole system.

Using the Sailmon Coach Pole unit in combination with Sailmon LOGS will give your sailing team the edge with instant online data available for on the spot debriefs. Add videos, photos, comment and much more allowing you to build up the most complete picture of you sailing data and experience.