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Boats & Quotes

Nathan Outteridge (Artemis AC50)
Olympian 49-er Gold & Silver Medallist, 49-er World Champion, America’s Cup skipper & helmsman

Best display readability and great flexibility in the setup on the Artemis AC50

peter-isler (Demo)
Peter Isler (S/Y J-class Svea)
America's Cup winner

These displays are so good, you never want to go off watch again!

jesper-banks-sailmon (Demo)
Jesper Bank
(2x Olympic Champion)

Sailmon is a real pleasure to sail with. Goooood stuff.

fabian-roche (Demo)
Fabien Roché
S/Y Anatta

When we replaced our B&G H3000 Processor by the SAILMON Model E4 Processor, this solved all of our sailing instruments problems.

Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team Van Uden
J-class Svea
D35 Phaedo^2
S/Y Firebird
S/Y Anatta
peter-holmberg (Demo)
Peter Holmberg
America’s Cup winner

I experienced outstanding performance and readability!

gerd-jan-poortman (Demo)
Gerd-Jan Poortman
3x Volvo Campaigner

We replaced our B&G H3000 Processor for a SAILMON Model E4. It is really, really easy to setup and it seamlessly integrated in the B&G instruments on our KER 46.

dennis-hennevanger-03 (Demo)
Dennis Hennevanger
Founder and owner of Saffier

Sailmon Model E4 offers extensive functionalities – still it is really intuitive, and easy to use.

Francesco Mongelli
SY Ribelle

The displays brightness, contrast and visibility are no doubt top in the class.

Oyster 745 Pitanga
Oyster 745 Satori
Saffier Nitro
Agile 42 Karma
S/Y Foggy
CNB 66 Althane
The Windrose of Amsterdam
Themis C&C 30
Brenta 80 SRD Makai Valletta
Xp 44 Hydra
Seascape 27
Swan 55 Fixation
Saffier Se 33 Path Junior