MAX release notes


– Connect your MAX to our Model E4 Processor to view all available data – a wireless display for everyone;
– More simple Start Page make starting even simpler;
– Improved handling of different wind inputs.


– Wind plot with fixed time span (+- 3 minutes)
– Added Header-Lift value
– Live wind from server
– Wind deduction from startline ping
– Renamed COG values in start pages to Compass
– Pitch now has one decimal
– Added 4 value page
– You can now have port number above 9999 for NMEA input


– Support NMEA0183 wind, boat speed, depth inputs over UDP
– Attach MAX to your Sailmon account using a simple QR code
– More robust Bluetooth internet sharing
– Prevent boot issues affecting some devices
– Improved menu navigation
– New simple / advanced Start page options
– Fine-tune battery charging for improved longevity
– Various minor fixes and performance improvements
– Non GPS mode, Max is now legal in all classes, but still has heading, heel, pitch and timer.
– Choose start page between simple or advanced. New simple start page with just time, compass, distance to line
– Events including lat/long can now be downloaded in the app
– You can now switch between boats without having to re-pair your device
– You can see your account email in settings


– Optimized IMU measurements
– Add missing timezones for Australia, Atlantic and Pacific islands
– Improved reliability of internal storage


– MAX will notify users about updates
– New IMU sensor fusion algorithm remains stable in rough conditions
– Compass calibration is remembered
– Symbol indicates when compass calibration is required
– VMG calculation
– Faster display refresh
– Improved performance and responsiveness
– Fix page configuration issue
– Fix missing wifi symbol when connected


– Calypso BLE Wind sensor
– True Wind calculations
– Custom Page configuration
– Get local time on your display
– See what’s your average- and top speeds
– Improved Start Timer
– Better rending of numbers
– NMEA0183 data output over UDP
– Diagnostics page


– Improved Bluetooth pairing stability
– Fix occasional unresponsive buttons
– Long press middle button to power down


– Avoid screen flickering at temperatures below 0 degrees;
– Bug in factory reset menu;
– Return to the previous page after sending an Event;
– Prevent text cut off on pinged Start page.