Sailmon updates their instrument line-up

AMSTERDAM, October 2nd 2015.

Sailmon today updated their Instrument line-up with Model X & Model VII, and adding the SAILethernet and SAILpower network devices.

A Powerful new ARM processor, faster flash storage and faster discrete graphics, delivering even more performance and capabilities to the Sailmon product line, while using less battery power.

Sailmon′s signature remains the unrivalled totally automatic viewing in both bright sunlight and in total darkness. The displays are completely configurable, delivering fast, accurate and reliable data, using algorithms designed and used by pro sailors.

There is now a choice between using ethernet or powerline for data transmission on the Sailmon Network.

With the new SAILethernet Box installed between the Instrument and the S-Box, it is now possible to integrate Sailmon into the Yachts network. This gives installers and integrators even more scope to use the power of Sailmon.

The multitude of inputs on Sailmon’s interface box called the S-BOX enables the system to be installed as a standalone using NMEA2000, or as an upgrade to almost any older system that has been fitted to racing and premium cruising yachts over the last decade or more.

By retrofitting Sailmon, you add functionality and capability to the existing system on board without having to dump expensive instruments or sensors that are still working. At the same time you bring the system into the 21st century with fabulous displays, accurate information and complete control of what you want to see, when you want to see it whatever the point of sailing.

About Sailmon

Based in Scheveningen, the Sailmon-team designs and manufactures integrated instrument systems for the performance yacht and blue water cruising market from 30ft to super yachts. Sailmon Performance Instrument Systems add a new dimension to the way your yacht is designed and operated.

Contact information:

For further information on Sailmon BV and their products, please contact them on (+31)20 260 0106 or via email or visit

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