20 May: Introduction of Model E4 White

The Model E4 White is the ‘lightest version’ with fewer functionalities than the E4 Black and E4 Silver, but it contains all the unique features to bring your onboard system into the 21ste century. The perfect processor for small motor- and sailing boats. Click on the button below to see all the features!

07 May: Meet Sailmon at Hamburg ancora Yachtfestival

Sailmon is represented during Germany’s biggest in-water boat show HAMBURG ancora YACHTFESTIVAL. Robin van Bienen will visit the biggest in-water boat show 24th and 25th of May. He will speak with a number of installers, yacht builders and Sailmon fans. Would you like to meet us to get inspired and informed by the next level in marine technology? Set-up a dedicated meeting in just one click!

06 May: Sailmon in Yacht Racing Life

Sailmon is featured in Yacht Racing Life! 'Winning the number’s game with Sailmon displays' is about the functionalities and advantages of all of our products. "Sailing is a numbers game but the displays we rely on to read those crucial numbers often let us down. Sailmon solves this problem.''
Sailmon Solutions Website2

05 May: A perfect solution for every boat

Our marine electronics are integrated into all type of boats. Not only sailing boats. More and more motor yachts owners discover the benefits of our systems. To show you how Sailmon can be integrated into those different boats, we designed some full packages.

03 May: Sailmon speaks all languages

Upgrading your marine electronics with our Model E4 processor, will not only give you access to the latest technology in terms of use and compatibility, but it will also allow you to make use of your existing sensors & displays. We have designed the Sailmon E4 processor to be compatible with all existing brands & languages of marine electronics.

01 May: New features for Sailmon App

The Sailmon App has a number of new exciting features! The developing team of Sailmon has been working hard to bring the app to a new chapter. Design Director & Development Director Kalle Coster is proud to show the new features to the community: “It’s been a really busy winter, but all the hard working paid out.''